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On entering the room people immediately absorb its energy and capture the nature of space on all channels of perception - they see the colour, shapes and lines, touch materials and surfaces, moving in space and spend time there. During the formation of the interior space as an independent substance that carries the architectural framework dictates the terms and the future direction of the vector design. In parallel with these conditions tends to materialize its values and affect the result.

Interior - is a reflection of the lifestyle of their inhabitants and the reflector of their values. The biggest advantage of our time - blurring of boundaries in the design and the lack of a clear dominant styles. As the fundamental basis is the idea, around which the interior is beaten and tied manoeuvring among design trends and innovations. The idea as the basis of design of the project operating throughout the development process. The better a person knows himself, the higher is his selectivity and ability to take off the excess, the clearer in the result can read connection between him and the interior, and he can get the best design.